Many of us would assume that adolescents who spend less time playing video games (and computer-based games) have better social adjustment then those who spend more hours playing. Makes sense, right? We would probably also assume that kids who do not play these games at...


A recent article in Maclean’s Magazine highlights the growing popularity of making friends online. While many people are well acquainted with the idea of online dating, the world of friendship sites remains a mystery. I did not know such sites existed, and they would...

I have been noticing a trend lately during my walks around the city - lots of young people (especially women) smoking. I wondered if the trend of smoking less had reversed. I remember reading many articles regarding the drop in percentage of those who smoked, and I saw...

In wake of the Amanda Todd’s recent suicide, brought the issue of bullying is back to in the forefront of media coverage. In fact, a NDP backbencher just put forth a motion in parliament to settep up a committee to study and battle bullying. According to, app...

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