With summer approaching, more insects will find their way into our homes. How can we get rid of them without using harmful chemicals? Here are some great suggestions:


  • A mixture of unsweetened lemon juice and water can deter spiders. Spray the solution near doorways...

The consequences of inactivity can be vast and frightening. Inactivity is linked to variety of health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. On the contrary, regular physical activit...

As the weather turns warm most of us will be opening our windows. If you've keep your windows closed all winter, it is a good idea to give them a thorough clean before opening them, especially if you have anyone in your household who battles allergies.


Why? During the...

With spring finally having arrived, it’s time to get active. Discard the excuse of bad weather, and throw on some running shoes. A recent study of 190 students from Pennsylvania State University showed that those who were more physically active reported being more exci...

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