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Nutrition & Exercise 811

The BC government website offers a variety of useful tools and information. It has sections on healthy living, common health concerns, medications and public health concerns.  It also offers more detailed information about child & teens' health, women's health, men's health and elderly health.  It also includes a symptom checker. As well, by dialing 811, you can speak to a service health professional, who can connect you with a dietitian or registered nurse.

The Health Canada website has an extensive section on healthy living. It also includes sections on diseases, environment, nutrition and exercise, and medical information.

This is the Dietitians of Canada website, an evidence-based site with lots of useful sections. You can assess yourself, design a shopping and cooking plan or even find a dietitian. It also includes a very informative glossary of nutritional terms.

This is a free website that can help you live a healthier lifestyle. It includes a calorie counter, meal plans, personalized fitness plans, recipes, and motivational articles.

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