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Work-Life Resources

Not sure where your career path is heading?  Perhaps you want to make a change. Click on Career for useful links  to get you started. Included are links on finding new jobs, but also ones with helpful tips on maximizing your search, and building a solid resume.

Are you a parent needing some assistance? Whether you are looking for a quality daycare, or information on how to prepare your child for the education system, there is a wealth of resources available to you in BC. Click on Childcare for resources on parenting, childcare and other information for your family.

Young Adults and Teens is a website designed to help youth and young adults in British Columbia check out how they’re feeling and quickly connect to mental health resources and support. Support includes education, self-care tools, website links, and assistance in connecting to local professional resources.

As our population ages, more and more people have to care for their elderly and ailing parents.  Often this can seem overwhelming, and many people do not know where to turn for help.  Or perhaps you are retiring, and could use  a little advice on estate-planning and enjoying retirement. Click on Eldercare to access our list of reputable sources.

Are you having legal problems? Perhaps you are unsure of your rights or obligations.  Maybe you need a lawyer and aren't sure how to go about it? Click on Legal for useful links to get you started.

Do you have financial concerns? Perhaps you have accumulated significant debt, and aren't sure where to ask for help? Maybe you are curious about where to go for pension or tax information.  Or alternately, perhaps you are looking to buy a home and need some good mortgage advice. Click on Financial to access useful links that address a variety of questions regarding your finances.

Have you decided that it is time to make a lifestyle change? Perhaps you need nutritional advice or some help getting started on a new healthy eating plan.  Eating right and exercising are an important part of your mental health. With so much information out there, sometimes it is hard to know exactly who to trust. Click on Nutrition & Exercise to get a list of useful resources.

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