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Our Company

BCI provides short term counselling services to corporations and professional organizations throughout BC.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, we strive for 100% client satisfaction at every point of contact through teamwork, ingenuity, and service excellence. BCI's Managing Partner drives the business,  maintaining the partnership with program owners and clients on a daily basis.

BCI has responsive and highly effective relationships with program owners, assisting them to achieve their organizational goals by improving the well-being of individual employees and their family members.

Managing Partner 


Patrick Crawshaw, MSW, is well respected in the field of Employee and Family Assistance for his 25 years of work alongside Joint Committees, as well as and his training skills. Patrick travels extensively throughout BC conducting workshops and presentations. Patrick's special area of clinical involvement is in the area of stress and trauma. He is a member of the British Columbia Association of Social Workers and has been approved as as private practitioner by the BC College of Social Workers.

Our Principles

Accountability - BCI  honours our comittment to our Program Owners, delivering services that are timely, professional, consistent and accountable.

Principal Involvement Program Owners can speak to the Managing Partner directly and quickly.

Ethics & Privacy - BCI maintains all information is secure and confidential and only collects information to aid in case management.

Quality Assurance - Clients are given a  Service Satisfaction Survey at  their second visit which is completed anonymously and returned to BCI. This feedback is used to ensure quality of service.

Return on Investment (ROI) - BCI offers ROI Reports to help demonstrate and quantify the benefits of the EFAP.

BCI has an extensive Associate Counsellor Network, with over  200 counsellors on our referral list. We have additional counsellors that have been signed on to meet exceptional requests. We recruit actively, and listen to clients' feedback for quality assurance. If a counsellor is not maintaining our standards, they are no longer given referrals.

All our counsellors have a minimum of a Masters Degree, in either Counselling Psychology or Social Work. All are licensed with a provincial or national  registering body requiring professional liability insurance and enforces a strict code of ethics. All specialise in short-term therapy, including CBT or solution-focused modalities, to address  issues like stress, anxiety, relationship problems, parenting, grief, etc. 

Some BCI counsellors have additional training in trauma,  addictions, abuse counselling, anger management, etc. As well, some counsellors deal with specific populations like the LGBTQ community, Indigenous community and young children.

While we emphasize face-to-face counselling for clinical reasons, telephone or video conference counselling can be arranged.

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