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Eldercare or call 1.800.622.6232

This is the provincial government website that covers topics like Pharmacare and other medical services, government old age pensions, discounted travel, senior housing options, and several other informative resources for elders in BC.

This website discusses and provides links to health, finance, housing and several other useful resources for those 50 and older. It also has crosswords, funny stories, games, grand parenting tips and lists of senior homes/centers by location.

This is a website designed by the daughter of a man who experienced much difficulty at the end of his life. It is designed for strategic planning and as a referral source to meet each individual's needs. It also has a care cost calculator, a blog, and an expert opinion section. or call 1.800.257.7756

This website provides information regarding the SAFER program and contains an application. To be eligible for the program, you must be at least 60 years old, a BC resident for the past 12 months, and pay at least 30% of your monthly income in rent.

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