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Financial or 1.888.527.8999

The non-profit Credit Counselling Society website offers free counselling, bankruptcy help, and debt consolidation options. To determine eligibility, you need to arrange to meet with one of their counsellors. This site contains several interactive tools, including calculators and online chat. They also offer workshops, an expense tracker and helpful articles. or 1.800.565.4595

The Consumer Credit Counselling website has a 24 hour Response contact form and a live chat option available. They can also provide information about the federal government debt manangement program which can reduce your debt by up to 70% if you qualify. They also have a debt management and consolidation program.

This website allows you to request a personal credit report, which can give you insight on your chances of getting a loan, mortgage, car lease, etc. The cost is $23.95 and you may need to provide your Social Insurance Number. They can also help protect you against identity theft by providing quarterly credit updates, which will point out any unauthorized purchases. They also offer $25, 000 Identity Theft insurance for a reasonable price.

This website is for the  Mortgage Brokers Association of BC. It include a useful guide for consumers looking for a mortgage- including a a search for a mortgage broker in your area &  a mortgage calculator. It also lists and explains the standards that brokers must adhere to if part of the association.

This is the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada​ website budget page. It includes details on how to make a budget and how to stick to it. It also include a budget worksheet, which can be exported to Excel. As well, there is a handy budgeting calculator to help you determine if your budget is realistic.

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