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Health E-Apps

Developed by the University of British Columbia's ehealth Strategy Office with funding from the BC Ministry of Health, the health e-Apps project was created to promote the synergistic use of health apps by health professionals and health consumers.


Several popular apps are currently recommended on the Health e-Apps page of the eHealth strategy website. These include:



The health professional introducing these apps has tried and reviewed each app himself. He shares how he would recommend that these tools be used, and what benefits health consumers can expect. By building a partnership between health professionals and health consumers, we can make better use of health apps as we strive for optimal wellness in our communities.

The Work-Life Balance Quiz

This quiz is presented by the Canadian Mental Health Association to help determine whether you have a healthy work-life balance. It provides some tips and suggestions on how to get on the right track. (The quiz can be downloaded in PDF format)

The Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST)

The MAST is a confidential test to help determine if you have an alcohol dependency problem. When administered by a professional, this test can help determine if there is a concern about your alcohol use.  The following website will calculate your results, but they should be used for educational purposes only, and not as diagnosis or healthcare recommendation. This test specifically focuses on alcohol use.

The Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST)

The DAST is a 20-question test, similar to the MAST, but that focuses on drug use. As with the MAST, the online results should be for educational purposes only. If you feel you may have a problem with drug use, you should see your doctor or a counsellor, to have this test administered professionally.

CAGE Questionnaire (Cut-Annoyed-Guilty-Eye)

The CAGE is a 4 part questionnaire developed by Dr. John Ewing that test alcohol dependence. As with the MAST, it is for educational purposes.

CES-D,  A Screening Test for Depression


This self-test was originally designed by Lenore Radloff at Utah State University, and is commonly used to determine a depression quotient, by testing depressive feelings and behaviours over the last week.


Heart Disease Risk Calculator


This Mayo Clinic tool assesses your heart attack risk by asking a few questions. Discuss any results that trouble you with your family doctor.


Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI)


This tool  calculates your BMI to determine whether or not you are at a healthy weight. It is based on your height and weight. It is not the only indicator of a healthy weight, as people with normal BMIs may still be at risk for health problems if their waist circumference is high. All results should be discussed with your family doctor.


Nutrition: Are You Living Smart?


This quiz, produced by the American Cancer Society, looks at your eating and exercise habits to determine how healthy you are. It provides tips to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and reduce habits that cause health problems, including cancer.


Symptom Checker


This symptom checker is provided by the BC government, through their HealthLink program. This is for educational purposes only. All symptoms should be discussed with your doctor, or with a nurse at 811.


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