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1.  Let others help.  That way, every family member is an essential part of the meal or party.

2.  Respect differences. Stir clear of topics that tend to cause conflict such as politics or religion. 

3.  Keep your boundaries. Respect one another's privacy, and don't take it personally if someone does not want    to share their concerns or issues with you.

4. Be inclusive. Do your best to help family and friends feel special and important.

5. Be aware of who is coming to your family gathering and be sensitive to specific needs such as dietary limitations.

6. Most importantly, keep it light!. Studies show that laughter and smiling changes people's moods.




Surviving Holiday Meals

Unsuprisingly, studies show that most people have high levels of stress during family holiday get-togethers for a variety of reasons. What can you do to minimize this stress?

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