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Stay-cation, or a stay-at-home vacation, first became popular during the North American
financial crisis of 2007-2010. Today, stay-cations are enjoyed by many as a way
to save money and spend time enjoying the things you’re usually too busy to do.

Most people like to set some loose rules for their stay-cation, including setting start and end dates, avoiding routine activities, and planning ahead to create the feel of a typical vacation. Here are some other suggestions for enjoying a stay-cation.

Cut Off Communication
Try to restrict the amount of time spent on your phone or computer, especially when it comes to work. You wouldn’t be checking your Facebook if you were lying on a Mexican beach, so why check it while vacationing at home.

Try Something New

Create a vacation-esque feel by checking out a new activity, or trying a restaurant you would normally never go to unless you were on vacation. This way, you’ll have new memories, (and perhaps a new hobby) that’s accessible in your own hometown!

Stay Flexible
While it’s recommended to plan certain activities for yourself during your stay-cation, it’s also important to not over-book yourself- pencil in some “me time” to catch up on reading, sleep in, or window shop.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend
Just because you are trying to save money by not going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to be thrifty with your stay-cation! Because you’re already saving money on airfare and hotels, treat yourself to meals out, or splurge on yourself. Feeling free with money will help contribute to a holiday mindset, and will make a big difference between hanging out at home all week or having a weeklong stay-cation.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

• Try a recreational activity like biking or kayaking to see your city in a new way.
• Buy an entertainment book for your city- it may have new ideas and even coupons included!
• Check out that new art or museum exhibit you’ve been dying to see, but just haven’t had time.
• Research events that your community is putting on, such as fairs or festivals.

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