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Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer



Cover up.  Wear lightweight, loose-fitting and tightly woven clothing that covers your arms and legs. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face, ears and neck, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. 





Slather on sunscreen before going out.  Apply at least 20 minutes prior to going outside, and re-apply per the instructions on the bottle. Make sure the sunscreen is at least SPF 15 and broad-spectrum to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. SPF 30 is a good idea if you plan to be outside for a long time.




Seek out the shade wherever possible. If you can't find shade, make your own! Set up a tent, or simply carry an umbrella if you're out for a walk.



Check the UV Index before going outside. Once the UV Index reaches 3 or more (moderate) your local weather forecast will include it. On these days you need to take extra care while outside, and try to limit your time in the sun between 11am-4pm, when the sun's rays are strongest.


More Sunscreen Tips

  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen to your lips too! Like skin, use at least SPF 15.

  • Use waterproof sunscreen when swimming.

  • If using a product that includes sunscreen (makeup plus sunscreen, or a moisturizer plus sunscreen) make sure that the sunscreen is broad-spectrum and at least SPF 15.

  • If using sunscreen and an insect repellent, put on sunscreen first, to allow it to absorb into your skin properly. Avoid products that include both sunscreen and insect repellent. They don't work well together in one product.



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