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Sending Your Child to Overnight Camp.

Tips to make it easier for both of you:ck me.

  • Don't surprise your child by sending them to camp. Talk the idea over with them first, select a camp together, and give them lots of time to get used to the idea of being away from home.

  • Get them excited by looking at fun pictures and videos on the camp's website, and take them on a fun shopping trip to get ready for camp.

  • Make sure you have lots of cuddling time before they go!

  • Once they are there, kids usually are not allowed to call home as that can make homesickness worse. However, you can send along written letters and pictures by mail to keep them feeling connected to home.

  • Finally, don't spend the entire time missing them. Take this time to rejuvenate yourself and enjoy things that you would otherwise not be able to do with a child at home such as girls' nights out, date nights, or just extra relaxation time.


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