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Get out there and exercise!

With spring finally having arrived, it’s time to get active. Discard the excuse of bad weather, and throw on some running shoes. A recent study of 190 students from Pennsylvania State University showed that those who were more physically active reported being more excited and enthusiastic in general. In other words, being physically active puts you in a better mood.

Another study in Amsterdam looked at the effects of exercise on children and teenagers found that who were more physical active had better grades in math and memory tests than their less active counterparts. Scientists attributed these changes to the fact that physical activity increases blood flow to the brain. These are just some of the studies that confirm just how important staying physically fit can be to both your mental health and your mental facilities.

There will always be a reason not to exercise. It may be as simple as you feel too tired or you are too busy. Try to move exercise up on your priority list- it will make a real difference in all aspects of your life. Remember, no one regrets exercising!

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