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Innovative Ways to Handle the Non-Human Touch

Attempting to solve a problem without talking to a real person can be a real challenge. In this age of automated phone systems, you can be frustrated as you press random buttons, and listen to music while you are on hold. What innovative way have you discovered to reduce your frustration, and deal with the non-human touch?

My suggestion is to start by calling the right number! Many companies have a general number that leads to a labyrinth of phone customer service. But what you might not know, is that many of these same companies also have numbers that are answered by a real person. Go to the and find the best numbers to call for Canadian companies. This site also gives some helpful tips to getting to a real person on the line as soon as possible.

There are other ways to bypass automated phone systems, such as pressing "0" as soon as the phone is answered. More often than not, you will be told an operator will be with you shortly. You can also choose the callback option, in which you give them your information and then wait for them to call you back. It gives you a chance to do other things while you wait- and you are assured of talking to a real person.

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