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Opening your windows to spring

As the weather turns warm most of us will be opening our windows. If you've keep your windows closed all winter, it is a good idea to give them a thorough clean before opening them, especially if you have anyone in your household who battles allergies.

Why? During the winter, most of circulated air in your home will have been only been through your filter system. As such, there are likely dust mites, allergens, and/or other respiratory irritants lingering in your corners, no matter how well you clean! When a window is opened, and a breeze blows through, those irritants are "shaken up" and can be easily redistributed into the air. Irritants can also be found in heavy drapes, so an easier to clean option is wood binds or flat screens.

In terms of cleaning solutions, non-toxic is the better choice, as many chemicals found in more harsh cleaners can irritate your allergies and also your respiratory system. There are many non-toxic cleaning products on the market, and many directions online on how you can create your own homemade (and earth-friendly) cleaners.

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