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Too much caffeine?

Are you bothered by headaches, restlessness, or anxiety? You may be consuming too much caffeine. Experts recommend a limit of 500 milligrams (mg) a day. That may seem like a lot, but many of us do not know how many milligrams of caffeine are in our daily cup of Joe. An 8 oz (237 mL) brewed cup of coffee contains between 95-200 mg. Two or three of those and you've reached your limit for the day! If you take your coffee in a single-serve cup (for example, a K-cup) you consume less caffeine (75-150 mg per 8 oz cup). And if you favor instant coffee, it’s even less; an 8 oz cup contains 27-173 mg.

Specialty drinks, such as lattes and mochas, also contain caffeine. They have a lower count then pure coffee (at 63-175 mg of caffeine per an 8 oz cup) as more of the drink no doubt consists of sugar, cream and various other flavors.

However, many of us don't limit our drinks to just coffees, specialty or otherwise. You'll also have to count your tea drinks towards your 500 mg limit, as tea also has caffeine, but far less. An 8 oz cup of Black Tea has a measly (by comparison) 14-70 mg of caffeine. Green tea has even less caffeine, at 24-45 mg per 8 oz cup. Ice teas, bottled ice teas and soft drinks also contain caffeine. Given all this, it’s quite easy to exceed the recommended 500 mg limit. And if that’s not all, certain foods can also contain caffeine. is a good website for checking the level of caffeine in various food and drinks, as well as other caffeine information. While it is an American website, many of the products are also sold here in Canada.

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