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Houseguest Etiquette

Contemplating staying with a friend or relative? It can be tricky navigating the host/houseguest relationship. Nobody wants to be considered a bad houseguest, especially if they want to be invited back again! Below are basic guidelines for good houseguest behaviour. Relax, you don't have clean the entire house!

Respect the rules of the house.

Let your hosts know exactly when you are arriving, how long you will be staying, and when you will be leaving, as well as your plans while you are there.

Bring a thoughtful gift. If you are coming from a radically different locale, I'd suggest bringing something from home. It will be a unique treat for your hosts.

Be a good sport. Let your hosts take you around town and show you the sights.

Invite your hosts along on one of your adventures.

Pick up after yourself! If you use it, replace it.

Send a thank you note.


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